Registered Mortgage Broker - NYS Banking Department.  Loans arranged through third party providers.  This is not
a commitment to lend.  Information is subject to change without notice. All loans are subject to credit approval.
Equal Housing Opportunity.
When applying for a home loan, you have rights.  Various federal and New York State
agencies require that  mortgage banks and brokers inform you about your rights.  To help us
comply with these regulations, please read, sign and fax the following disclosures to me as
part of the application documents.  All parties applying for mortgage loan need to sign them.

Borrower Authorization - authorizes us to act on your behalf pertaining to this loan application
and to purchase your credit report.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act - a federal act that protects loan applicants from discrimination
base on race, color, sex, religion, country of origin, age, and marital status.

Fair Lending Notice - outlaws the practice of redlining and discriminations.

Privacy Policy Notice - we have a fiduciary duty to safeguard your personal information.

Pre-application Disclosure - explains our role as a broker, compensation to us and by whom,
the fees we collect (then pays to the vendors), banks we use most often, and if the fees are
split amongst others.

Good Faith Estimate - itemized settlement costs you are likely to incur in association of this
mortgage application.  You will be given a GFE with information particular to your loan
application.  Keep in mind that the GFE is only estimates fees charged by different service
vendors, i.e. attorney, title search.

list of documents are needed to complete the application.  Not all documents are
required, only those pertain to your particular loan program is needed.

Good Faith Estimate explanation describes some of the more common items on the GFE.

See this
sample GFE.  Keep in mind this is only a sample.  Different loan amount, interest
rate, loan terms, whether a purchase or refinance, property location, etc. all affect the closing
Federal and State Disclosures
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